Balham 2016 - A3 Poster

Welcome to the website for the Balham Free Fringe, a weekend of totally free comedy shows that will soon be on at the Edinburgh Festival, aka The Destroyer Of Dreams.

Every year we comedians all write new hour-long shows, and before we debut them up at the festival we do lots of work-in-progress previews, to make them perfect.

That’s what the Balham Free Fringe is: A weekend of brilliant nearly-ready shows. You get to see us for free; we get to use you like gorgeous comedy guinea pigs. From stand-up to sketch, from new acts to TV names, we’ve got something to match every comedy taste.

All the shows this weekend will be on PBH’s Free Fringe up in Edinburgh. It’s a brilliant thing, and we’re proud to be raising money for it. Every show is completely and genuinely free, but if you can spare it we’d love you to pop a quid or two in the bucket at the end, to support this excellent organisation.

All shows are non-ticketed. Just turn up! We’d love to see you there.

— The Balham Free Fringe team xx